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List of ailments this leaf has been used in support of:


1)  Type II diabetes

2)  High blood pressure

3)  Kidney ailments

4)  Liver ailments

5)  Gastrointestinal discomfort 

6)  Weight loss

7)  Thyroid ailments 

8)  Fatigue

9)  Mental clarity

10)  Acne, scars, skin brightening

11) Sexual Wellness

12)  Anti-Microbial/ Antioxididant properties

13)  Lung Functions

14)  Malaria

15)  Osteoarthritis 

16)  Glaucoma, insomnia 

17)  Food Poisoning

18)  Colds, Flu (strengthens immune system)

Benefits of Garcina Kola:

Garcina Kola has a ton of benefits and uses since there are so many helpful remedies that it provides relief from many ailments:


“Prolongs Life”...

Benefits of Vernonia Amygdalina:

Many studies have shown that V. amygdalina extracts may strengthen the immune system through many cytokines (including NFҡB, pro inflammatory molecule) regulation.


Studies also confirmed the presence of flavonoid anti-oxidants and various anti-carcinogens that may help prevent cancer or other illnesses.

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