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Cali Rich Tea is a NEW exotic healthy blend that boosts the immune system and general wellness.


New recipe contains a unique combination of African green tea with Kola, Mint Leaf, Lemon Grass and Ginger.


It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and antioxidants allowing the body to detoxify itself from many unhealthy toxins. ~ “A Healthy Body is a Cali-Rich Body!"

Cali Rich Tea - Herbal Super Tea - (30 Tea Bags) - FREE Shipping

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  • This new tea is based on a unique blend of a medicinal African herbal plant grown in equatoral Africa by natives for centuries. It has been used as Super Food to boost metabolism which can strenthen the immune system.

    Use this amazing tea to:

    ✅ Boost Energy

    ✅ Burn Calories

    ✅ Improve Health

    ✅ Increase Focus

    ✅ Strengthen Immunity

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