Looking for a healthy alternative drink that has the hint of lemon and lime? - You came to the right place! - VEAU just came out with the new debut product - VEAU Limon that has Lime and Lemon flavor infusions for that more refreshing taste. 


Potential Health Benefits:


- Can help regulate blood pressure

- Can help with kidney function

- Can improve liver function

- Can possibly help prevent diabetes

- Can help alleviate stomach cramps

- Can help with weight loss

- Can help with thyroid problems

- Can help with stress & fatigue

- Can improve mental clarity

- Has antioxidant & antimicrobial properties

- Also good for skin health and hydration

VEAU Limon - Wellness Drink - Lemon & Lime Flavor

  • Packed with healthy derivatives of a natural leaf that has many wellness properties, this VEAU drink has certain phyto-nutrients and antioxidants that you need to maintain a healthy metabolism and a stronger immunity system. It also has hints of lemon and lime flavors for that refreshing taste.

  • Sold by Vernonia Corp - a company that was formed with the core mission for public health awareness. We are dedicated to helping and improving your health with Veau, which is proven to have many essential vitamins and minerals.

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