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Check out the NEW bottle labels on VEAU wellness drink and let us know what you think!

Get VEAU wellness drink here!

We have been experimenting with the new slick bottle labels that capture the essence of what this drink stands for. Let us know what you think of the new labels and tell your friends and family about this amazing beverage!

VEAU Green - Wellness Drink - (1 Bottle - 16oz)

Order VEAU Green Here:

VEAU Black Antioxidant Wellness Drink- (Dilutes up to 2.0 liters or 67.6 oz)

Order VEAU Black Here:

Made from nature's gift of the plant - Vernonia Amygdalina, which plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. It helps to support a healthy balance of nutrients & minerals while improving the function of vital organs.

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