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Importance of Eating Well and Exercising During Virus Outbreaks - BEAT CORONAVIRUS

Attention, everyone! - This is our general wise tip on the importance of eating well and maintaining fitness by NOT stopping exercising during such stressful times as virus outbreaks like the recent menace of Coronavirus.

1. In order to keep your immunity strong, you don't necessarily have to be a super athlete who is a wellness freak. Eating a wide variety of healthy foods will certainly keep your immunity stronger. Especially, focusing on such nutritious, vitamin-dense foods like blueberries, red grapes, watermelon, mandarins, tea, honey and oatmeal. If you were to study the best, healthiest athletes in the world and how they eat, you would find out that they do not eat like typical Americans or average people who don't care for wellness - they have a stricter discipline to consume best foods and drinks that will maximize their performance, speed/reaction, immune response, stamina and overall resilience. Therefore, those who embrace this lifestyle of fitness & wellness will live longer than those who neglect their health while coming up with lazy excuses. 2. Studies have proven that regular exercise not only improves heart health, while maintaining bone mass and muscular strength and balance, but it ALSO boosts immunity in various ways. During the times of crisis and outbreaks, it is very tempting to stop exercising by locking yourself up with social isolation and stack up snacks & supplies. However, you must know that exercise has plenty of benefits enabling your body to combat pathogens, negative hormones / stress and even reducing the effects or warding off certain viral and bacterial infections with higher resilience and more antioxidant anti-bodies due the presence of endorphins and other positive hormones and immunity cells; anything that helps in production of auto-immune cells would greatly benefit your health so you don't have to constantly depend on medicine. So, don't forget to exercise and keep eating healthy and don't be too stressed out with too many problems. Positive outlook and good lifestyle habits can take you a long way!

~ Article written and posted by Yuri Sire - March 29, 2020 Linkedin profile:

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