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REAL Positive Effects of Drinking VEAU - Testimony from Abdul (Customer)

" I have been drinking Veau H2O for approximately 2 weeks. When I first started drinking Veau, my blood pressure was running 150/100 minimum. When I took my reading this morning it was 125/89 and I have not taken my medication in a week. I was constantly falling asleep throughout the day, since I’ve been drinking Veau, I’m up all day long and I have not slept so good in years. I’m up at 4:00 a.m. every morning.

The Veau H20 has also curved my appetite where I am hardly hungry at all!!! I am shocked at what this water has done with my health in just 2 weeks! I have also lost 15lbs from 420 to 405. I will continue to Update my review to keep people informed of my progress I’m very excited about the discovery of Veau H20. I also have a since of clarity of mind from drinking Veau. I am not the type of person that gives reviews such as this. As a matter fact this is my first review that I’ve ever done in my life.

My energy level is so high that I hardly can Believe it!!!! I will continue to post my reviews to show what type of progress I am benefiting from drinking Veau H2O " ~ Abdul Mateen

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