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"Hi my name is Cheyenne and I've been drinking Veau H20 for approximately a year now and I've noticed a huge difference in my energy level and vitality as well as toxins impurities expelling from my body. My metabolism is boosted as well as my appetite being curbed. Prior to drinking Veau H20 I often felt weak & lazy I had a few blemishes / deep pores in my face that seemed to never want to go away and with about 3 weeks to a month of Drinking the Veau 2-3 times a Day my skin became clearer & my system  is  completely flushed out. My PH balance has drastically changed.

Also I have a young child that was suffering from acid reflux due to a stomach virus  nothing I gave him over the counter medicines, absolutely nothing worked for him. I gave him  the Veau H20  three times a day  for about a month and since then he has not thrown up or gotten sick at All. Im greatful to have found such a Natural beverage that aids in complete purification. body. Mind. And Spirit. Thank You YOOOU for reading My Testimony. ~Cheyenne""

I have been drinking Veau H2O for about 3 months. I have Thyroid Disease, which have to take 1.25mg per day for the rest of my life. After 1mo/ of consuming Veau Water, I was feeling more energy along with loosing weight in  my stomach area. I cut down on my Thyroid medication to 1 pill every other day, then ceased to take the medication. Had blood test run, my Thyroid is normal, my doctor wrote a Rx with a much lower dose to take only 1 every other day. May be able to discontinue my medication all together. I love the taste of this juice, not sweet at all, which was a concern of mine. I would much prefer to drink Veau Water rather than take a pill the rest of my life.  ~L. Hughes

I have had high blood pressure for over 20 years and I’ve been on medication which I take twice a day. About one year ago, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic, even though I exercise and maintain optimum weight balance. I started using Veau H2O one year ago. I will take 8oz with each meal. After 3 months of its use, my pre-diabetic condition was improved, my blood pressure dropped. I met with my primary care doctor who was amazed at this outcome and he suggested that I continue taking it for another 6 six months to further assess the result.


After the 6 months period, my doctor decided to take me off one of the blood pressure medications. I am still using the Veau H2O in the meantime, we are monitoring the progress and I will continue using Veau H2O until I’m completely off the other medication.  The taste is good and the health benefits are numerous, so I will continue drinking Veau H2O as my daily beverage ~ Jo Martins

After seeking natural options for my parents to control their high blood pressure I learned of the VEAU H20 drink.


In less than a week with daily use both realized noticeable improvements to their health.  We will be working with their individual doctors on a strategy to reduce their use of medication as the need appears to continually decline with use of the product.



San Jose, California

I would much prefer to drink Veau Water rather than take a pill the rest of my the taste of Veau..

“ Im greatful to have found such a Natural beverage that aids in complete purification. Body. Mind. And Spirit. 

“Sounds like an interesting idea. We need more of this kind of stuff on the market instead of things like soda.”

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